Play Lily's Lotto in Memory of Lily

Lily's Lotto is a great way for us to raise funds. For just £1 per month (£12 payable annually) you can help the dogs and be in with a chance of winning a cash prize. Please note you cannot use PayPal to play Lilly's Lotto.

Lily was adopted by Lynn from Many Tears in Jan 2007. She was a blind Standard Wire-haired Dachshund and Lynn says she was the best dog she ever had. Lynn wanted to do something to help the dogs at Many Tears but was not in a position to walk the dogs, so this is her way of helping. Very sadly Lily went to Rainbow Bridge in August 2012 so we hope people will continue to play in her memory.
The prizes are:
1st prize £100.00....................3rd prize £25.00
2nd prize £50.00.....................4th prize £25.00

There are two prize draws per year, one in July and the other in December.

It costs £1 per month to play Lily's Lotto which has to be paid annually either by cheque, postal order or if you wish by standing order. Unfortunately you cannot use PayPal to play Lilly's Lotto. A percentage of the total goes in prizes and the rest goes to Many Tears.

As a slight twist you will be entered under your dog's name instead of being allocated a number. In the event of two entries with the same name, surnames will be used. If you haven't got a dog but would like to enter, just think what you would call a dog if you had one. We also have cats and other animals in the draw so any of your pets names can be used. If you haven't already joined, please consider doing so. You can apply at any time during the year and all names entered into the Lotto at the time of each draw will be eligible to win a prize.

Download your Application Form HERE pdf
Download the Lotto Rules HERE pdf

If you are interested in joining and have not got a printer you can can email Lynn at and she will mail you an application form and a copy of the rules.

If you are struggling to buy a gift for someone why not buy them the the chance of winning Lily's Lotto? There is no charge for the gift cards which can be sent to you or direct to the receipiants with a printed message of your choice. They will have a in 150 chance to win a £100.00 prize. That's better than the National Lotto!

Hi everyone of our doggie friends. Here are the results of Lily's Lotto for 4/12/16.

1st Prize £100 dogs name LUCY
Jan Secchi, Epsom Surrey,
Lucy has been talking to her Many tTears sisters Ellie and Minnie and has decided to donate it back to Many Tears for the Gift of Sight.

2nd Prize £50 dogs name COCO
Angela Hawkes, Barwell
This was a Lily's Lotto gift card that was given as a present to Angela.

3rd Prize £25 dogs name CERYS
Julie Brady, Pilton, Soberest.
Julie has kindly donated this back to Many Tears.

4th Prize £25 dogs name ELLIE
Gaynor Jackson, Mellor, Stockport.
Gaynor has very kindly donated her prize back to Many Tears.
The photo is of Lily and Poppy Dog which sadly was their last Christmas with us. We would just like to say a VERY BIG THANK YOU to you all for surpporting us with the lotto. I will be giving a Cheque to Many Tears in the next few weeks.Again thank you and we wish you all a very Happy Christmas
Tillie and Twig
Lily's Little Helpers
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